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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

W is for War Criminal

A brief political break: Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh is making some outrageous charges in his work for The New Yorker. He claims that the Bush administration is planning at some point to make a strike against Iran (you know, since the Iraq thing is working out so well). Now, we can't really do that right now since to do so would immediately provoke the use of missles by terrorist group Hezbollah. So Hersh is alleging that Dubya cut a deal with Isreal that they could bomb the bejeezus out of Lebanon in order to knock out Hezbollah missles, and they wouldn't step in as peacemakers until a few weeks into the conflict, letting hundreds of innocent Lebonese and Israelis die in the process. That has to be crazytalk! There no way our president would do something that outrageous! Here's Hersh on CNN Sunday night (thanks to Joe.My.God. for turning me and the rest of the world onto this video!)

Yeah, he isn't believable at all. After all, he's just the guy who broke the Abu Ghraib prison abuse story. These motherf*ckers need to be arrested IMMEDIATELY! If Dubya, Vice President Dickhead, and Secretary of State Lucy Van Pelt aren't war criminals by now, I can't imagine who is.

And now we return to our regularly scheduled foolishness.


kj said...

thank you for posting this. i agree with you totally. here's hoping someone wakes up long enough to take control of the house in nov, at least.

if it weren't so horrifying, you'd think you were watching a sci-fi movie and gw was the calculating and clueless alien.

Mother Jones RN said...

Just when you think "W" can't top himself, he finds other ways of getting us into trouble. This is really sick. I hope people wake up and see the A-Hole for who he is.

Thanks for posting this information, and I'll see you on Medium Green.

Mother Jones RN (AKA Terri, The Fiestadiva).