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Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Daily Cheese

The star of today's Daily Cheese has not yet convinced me that she was not once a man. There's just something quite butch about her, much in the same way that there isn't about me. Plus a few years ago, she was playing the lounges at the Indian casinos out in Albuquerque, so you know she has fallen far (I couldn't bear to go see her like that either). Anyhoo, back when people recognized her talent, she had about half a dozen fantastic hits in the late 80s with her AMAZING voice. Her song "Send Me a Lover" was one of the only torch songs that Tina Camaro ever did. Today, though, we're showing her when she had no money and had to put together a video look on a $50 styling budget. The thick mascara that you know came out of a pink and green tube, the standard late 80s leather jacket-tights-tutu look, and most of all, the fabulously makes-no-damn-sense nutty crimped bangs...she was hot! And the song is just soooooooo good!!! Today's Daily Cheese is...

Taylor Dayne's "Tell It To My Heart"


dr buck said...

I got one for you. Jodie Watley, baby. Jodie Watley. Have you seen her on Bravo's Workout? She actually asked someone, "Are you looking for a new love?" I love shameless self-promotion.

Also, Taylor Dayne has kids, so I think she's a real woman. However, ya never know.

JonboySF said...

She's all woman. I saw her on "Whatever happened to..." not too long ago. That song takes me right back to some bad fashion memories of high school...oh boy.