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Thursday, August 24, 2006

It's true! I will!

Today I was finally called on in class. It was the moment I've been dreading, hearing "Mr. _____, tell me about blah blah blah lawyer crap." And of course, it had to be the Annhilation Prof. But you know what? I knew the answer and sounded reasonably intelligent! SNAP! We also went over the case of International Shoe v. Washington, the thrilling tale of the evolution of in personam jurisdiction, and everything she discussed, I had in the case brief I wrote, which means I totally got the case. Wanna hear about it? No? Fine, be that way! I know this video is old, but it is exactly how I'm feeling at the moment.

Well, except for the disco ball smash at the end...I'm sure I won't feel that way until my next class.


Ces said...

Yippee! Good for you Christopher. I am glad you are enjoying your studies.

I remember this video. I always love Gloria Gaynor!

Denise Price said...

I just love you-
Don't let those "youngsters" get you down- They are probably a little intimidated at your knowledge and before much longer are going to come to you with questions. You go get them!!!
Nothing keeps you down remember that!
Denise (angelmom)

Christina said...

Hi Christopher,

Your blog was forwarded to me by a friend I made since I moved to MD, but it jus so happens I am from The Ville originally.

Hey, I'm impressed by anyone who has the guts to apply let alone attend law school. So, good for you!! We'll see if I ever get up the nerve for med school.

Carry on!

Bedazzler said...

I bet you felt just like Elle Woods