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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Big Hair, Big Guns

Despite having half their pre-Katrina population, New Orleans has exceeded the previous year's murder rate according to a story on this evening's "All Things Considered." Now I'm no sociologist, but I think I can explain why. The story told about a video the state uses in the mandatory class for concealed weapon permit applicants. The video is a wee bit old, old enough in fact for it to have been a big deal that the producers (the, ick, NRA) snagged two 80s nighttime soap opera second bananas as the hosts.

Would you trust Ray and Donna Krebbs to protect your home? Only if Donna is wielding some hairspray and a wicked set of shoulder pads.


Ms. Val said...

LOL!!!! That is the funniest thing I've seen all day!!!!

That reminds me of a video we watched in childbirth class years ago. It was a baby care video hosted by Jean Smart and her real-life husband, the guy who played JD on Designing Women.

Q says that gun safety video would be funnier if it had Dick Cheney in it.

Ms. Val said...

Oh, and I would trust Ray Krebbs to protect my house. He could "get me the shotgun out of the hall closet!"

THAT is one of the BEST lines of the whole Dallas series!

Ces said...

Oh shoot, why is the video not loading for me? I have to try later. The write up is sad about the crime rate. Post Katrina Harris County's murder and crime rates went up. 2/3 of which were commited by New Orleans evacuees according to the paper. During the last day of school there were so many student fights and riots started by New Orleans transfer students. I think they wore out the welcome mat.