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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Weekly Cheese

Liza Minnelli is a wack-a-doo, but she seems like she'd probably be good people. Does anyone remember, though, when she was hot? I don't mean hot as in with a hot career, I mean hot as in a bit of a sex kitten? There was a period in the 80s when she stepped out of her trademark Liza mold and let pop maestros Pet Shop Boys tart her up, give her a funky asymmetrical haircut and put her Broadway butt to a disco beat. I love this song, y'all, and I love this Liza! This week's cheese is...

Liza Minnelli, "Losing My Mind"


Anonymous said...

"Reality is something you rise above" Liza Minnelli

I am not sure I grasp the meaning of this qoute but it makes me smile

Ces Adorio said...

Oh Christopher,

Someday there will come a time when people will say the same of us. Oh what am I saying? They're saying that now about me. LOL!!! Joke aside. I feel sad for Lisa. That man she married/divorced recently wore thicker make up than she did. I just hope that the best of everyone, anytime in their lives.

I do think that Betty Furness (sp?) was a really hot senior citizen. When I was in my 20's I told myself, I wanted to grow old like her.

TV Baby said...

Well that's apropos...Liza losing her mind over an obviously gay lover! LOL

Seriously though, I love that woman - she and I share a birthday and I completely understand what she meant by "Reality is something you rise above." For us Pisces, reality is the absolute worst thing to face. Liza has done a fantastic job of rising above it, leading some to call her a wack-a-do (albeit somewhat deservedly!).

ChristopherM said...

I saw her on Inside the Actor's Theater, and she was CRA-ZEE!!!! That said, I think she's fantastic.

Ms. Val said...

Personally, I'd like to know what she dropped in the goldfish bowl. Was it cocaine???? Those poor fish!

ChristopherM said...

Liza would NEVER waste drugs like that!

Anonymous said...


It must be part of the black mood I am in today, Christopher, which began last night and was not helped by watching this video.

Doing so emphasized that (1) the 80s were in some ways better (ie, I was much younger then), and (2) the 21st century is simply not very pleasing, now that we are here, for which, see 2 above.

Pop music at least sounded like music to my ear then.