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Thursday, November 29, 2007

On the Runway

I just have one thing to say about last night's challenge on The Greatest Show on Television, "Project Runway."

Who the hell let Gordon Gartrelle on the show?!

Denise Huxtable, you may have finally found your calling.

Today's foolish joke courtesy of Trading Faces spouse Craiggers, who will only sit through Project Runway on the promise that there will be male models featured in their underwear.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Cheese

So I've been trying to get inspired again to write. My writing has always been cyclical anyway, and law school seems to have sucked out whatever regular creativity I once had. But since it is finals time again, and since I'm working to avoid thinking about finals, I thought The Cheese might be a good way to get me started again.

The theme of today's Cheese is dance singers who can't dance. There's no rhythm nation here, y'all. Bless their hearts, if it weren't for the shawls, wind machines, backup dancers, distracting gold hot pants and quick cut editing, you'd see this gals for the flat-footed disco-challenged divas they really are. Thankfully, if we squint really hard, we can pretend their steps live up to the songs. Your mama can't dance, and neither can...

Stevie Nicks

Kylie Minogue

My adopted daughter, Whitney Houston

The woman, the legend, Cher

In fairness, she's not so bad, she should just NEVER dance next to Tina Turner.