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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Daily Cheese Fab 5 Countdown: #4

Lights! Models! Guestlist! This cheese is exactly what I need when I get up at the crack of dawn to do more work for today's class in contracts. The #4 greatest dance song of The Daily Cheese comes to us from one of the most respected British bands of all time (at least everywhere except probably the U.S., who hasn't really gotten them since the 80s). Oddly, this is probably their most throwaway song ever, and features none of the fantastic lyrics of their lead singer. Instead, the band teamed up with the stars of The Funniest British TV Show Ever, "Absolutely Fabulous," to create this melange of urgent beats and silly dialogue from the show to raise money for the Comic Relief charity. I love this song, plus it lets me pretend I am Patsy Stone on the dancefloor, sweetie. The #4 greatest dance song of all time is...

Pet Shop Boys, "Absolutely Fabulous"

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