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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Trading Faces in 3-D

I may be one of the most uncool people in The Ville, and surprisingly enough it has little to do with my bag. Craiggers FINALLY got me to go see "Superman Returns" this evening. A movie described as PG-rated gay porn and I haven't been?! It's true. What he did not tell me until he had purchased our tickets online (I need to inject here how much fun it is that my husband is paying for our evening out now that I'm a student again!) is that we were going to see the movie in 3-D. Christ on a cracker, why me? Aren't my facial issues enough without my nerdy husband wanting to slap some cardboard glasses on me?

As it turns out, they no longer use cardboard glasses for 3-D movies, something I can be forgiven for not knowing considering that I also wasn't aware that anyone made 3-D movies any longer in the first place. Instead, they station someone at the door with a selection of fashionable big sunglasses that even fit over your regular specs (assuming you are visually challenged as I am).

They're actually rather fetching, don't you think? I wouldn't advise playing your guitar in the theater, turns out that some patrons frown on it. The movie itself was fairly good, though not as good as the "Spiderman" or "X-Men" series. Also, I think Kevin Spacey played the role of Lex Luthor far too serious, probably in an effort to keep from queening out. The 3-D thing was more annoying than exciting. If you're one of the the three or four people who haven't seen "Superman Returns," I would recommend the regular version.

In other news...
I survived my first week in law school. In general, I'm loving my classes, but at times it sure has tested my already sketchy self-esteem. I go into class thinking I am intelligent and well-prepared, only to discover that I'm a few tacos short of a combo platter. I have determined that I shouldn't blog about specifics regarding professors and fellow students in case this blog falls into the wrong hands when I'm job hunting. However, I will say I have one professor in particular who seems to enjoy annihilating students, causing me to develop the Defensive Socratic Method. If I am fortunate enough not to be called upon, I muster up a semi-intelligent question on the subject, raise my hand, and hope that having participated in the discussion is enough to keep me from being further interrogated.

Did I not mention that I still have the beard I grew after my last surgery? Yeah, I'm keeping it until the swelling finishes going away (probably another month or so). Anyhoo...

I keep trying to tell myself that most everyone else is feeling the same way (particularly the four students who looked like big fools in the above-mentioned class Thursday). I am also relying on three other sources for some strength:

1) Diva blogger Angry Black Bitch is giving me and everyone else love with her Bitchfirmations. I highly recommend them...they'll make you a better person, not to mention a sassier one.

2) I have constructed a new iPod Morning Self-Esteem playlist. This is what I'll be listening to on my way to class every day this week.

When I'm questioning my decision to go back to school, thanks to this playlist I will remember to ask myself, "Is it worth it? Then let me work it! Put my thang down, flip it, and reverse it!"

3) Craiggers has sent me major vibes this past week. He's so adorable...when I tell him I've had a bad day, he just has this totally sincere look on his face like, "Well, tell me how you're going to fix it," as though he just automatically assumes I'm going to be able to fix whatever the mess is and be successful because I'm a super genius. There's no doubt there at all. I have no idea what I've ever done to inspire this level of confidence, but I need to remember to be grateful for it.

Now, back to reading...anyone want me to tell them all about adverse possession property cases? No one at all? Well, y'all are no fun at all on a Saturday night!


Ms. Val said...

A few years ago, we took the boys to Spy Kids 3D. We got the cardboard glasses, which didn't help much. In all, watching that movie gave me a headache.

Ces said...

First of all, I love the new blog look. Very conservative,'re getting there. LOL!!!

I don't think I would like to use those glasses unless they are disposable. You can get eye contamination and other diseases. I don't think movie houses are particularly concerned or knowlegeable about the spread of diseases or prevention. They probably do not sanitize it properly after each use.

If you think you are smart but sometimes still feel a little short, you are smart. It's the unintelligent and arrogant person who refuses to accept their shortcomings.

As for the beard, I would think a well trimmed one would look very good.

I once tried to check out the blog of the ABB. I was immediately taken aback by the cursing and use of profanities. At this age, I still cannot tolerate them, so I will only take your word that she has an interesting blog.

Yes, it is wise not to talk about professors while you are still under their tutelage and before you land yourself a great job.

As for Craiggers, he is a gem.

Christopher said...

I was just thinking I don't like the new look because it is too plain and does not have enough color! LOL! I was going for something a bit easier to read. I hate Blogger's templates, and really need to remember how to design this stuff on my own.

Now, I will admit that when I was picking out my new specs last week, I turned down a very flashy pair that I thought were a bit much for a future attorney, and went with the same look I've had for the last several years only in tortoise shell. However, if you question my newfound conservative look, you need only look to the right of the blog just below the picture of Whitney to see where my true loyalty lies! :-D

And EWWWW on the 3-D glasses! I hadn't even thought of that! If I get pink eye, I am soooooo going to sue that theater for a lifetime of free popcorn with extra butter! Val is right, those things just give you a headache anyway.

Craiggers is generally a really good guy. We mostly only fight about the fact that I have to be in charge all the time and run the household, and I don't like it. This week, he has really started to make an effort to share the load because he knows I'm under a lot of pressure, and every time I see him doing something to help out, my heart goes pitter-pat (are you reading this, Craig? loading the dishwasher is gonna get you lucky!). A relationship is an evolving creature, and I think ours has taken a big leap forward.

JonboySF said...

What a good partner you are Christopher, to actually remember not to take your partner for granted! After years together it really is the small things that matter and you can tell that Craig adores you. You're a lucky man indeed!

Brandon said...

You need to add Fantasia's "Anything is possible when you belIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVE yeah yeah yeah yeah" to your self-esteem playlist.