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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hell to the Ho!

This woman used to be called Superhead by the hip hop stars who passed her around. I call her a super homewrecker. Why? Because now that my daughter Whitney Houston has FINALLY kicked Bobby Brown to the curb, Superhead is keeping him company in L.A. if Rush & Malloy from the New York Daily News are to be believed. And you know I hope they are!

I believe in everybody owning their sexuality. We're adults, we should do what we want as long as it is consensual, and in my opinion, it doesn't make anyone a ho. Except for this lady. She's a ho. Definitely a ho. I know, because I paid her to get that freeloader out of my daughter's life so she can get back to work and make us some money. That's love, y'all. That's black love.

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