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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cher is still prettier than you!

Don't be skeered, y'all, it is just our benevolent Lord, Cher, stepping out to a day spa. Now tell me, would any other phony Hollywood ho have the nerve to step out of her carefully controlled PR bubble and not give a damn what anyone thinks of her facial mask? This is the prime example of why I love her so much...despite any surgery, Cher keeps it real.


Ces said...

Real! What? No ordinary, normal, regular woman would step out of a salon with a mask on. Really Christopher. If I did that, they think I am nuts. It's so vulgar.

On the other hand, some of these so called stars would benefit from a mask like this. For example the ones you have in your previous blogs.


Christopher said...

My point is, no one gets up and leaves the house each day looking like some of these people who travel with a hairstylist. Cher just doesn't behave like them, and I love her for it.

Brandon said...

Even plastic skin's pores need conditioning, firming, and tightening.