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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Makes Jessica Simpson look like Joni Mitchell

I tried to give it a chance, really I did, just so I could snipe about it fairly. I listened to previews of every song on iTunes (the things I do for you people!). And I honestly have to say that while I'd have to check to be certain, I'm fairly sure playing this CD to prisoners would be a violation of the Geneva Convention. Yoko Ono would take Paris down on "Star Search". Seriously, I have two Spice Girls CDs in my collection, so I have pretty low standards for useless fluff. That 20-times layered wannabe Gwen Stefani baby voice is like a rake across a chalkboard. Please save your money, she really doesn't need it anyway.

This CD review is a public service of Trading Faces. And remember, please help control the pet population, have your talent-free hotel heiress spayed or neutered.


TV Baby said...

I'm still buying 20 copies of the CD so I can sell them for big bucks on eBay 20 years from now when people are looking for kitsch from this decade. Of course by then CDs will have gone the way of the 8-track...

By the way, did the world ever decide on a name for this decade?

Anonymous said...

I makes me long for a true songstress like Samantha Fox

ChristopherM said...

Jon, I'm thinking with that monkey in the White House, this should probably be the Age of Unlightenment (deliberate misuse of that term in his honor, of course).

Mimi, I'll give Sam Fox this much, she flashed her big ole boobies all the time, but she never "accidentally" gave us a peak at her privates. I swear the world could be Paris's gynecologist.