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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Project Runway Exclusive: Bjork endorses Angela to win

While vacationing at Camp Jubilee Jumbles, the Icelandic pop star says, "Bubble skirts are the new swan."

In fairness, brilliant Advocate commentator Dave White was the first to notice the style synergy between Bjork and the dreaded Angela. However, I spent 20 minutes going through bad fashion photos trying to prove it. The things I do for you people!


Bedazzler said...

Look how *utterly disturbed* Catherine Deneuve looks, standing next to Bjork. lol

JonboySF said...

Bjork looks like one of those crocheted toilet paper cozies. You know the ones, from the back of your grandmother's powder room toilet with a generic Barbie doll sticking out of the top!

Christopher said...

And she STILL looks better than that psycho Angela's nutty runway creations!

Ces said...

Catherine Deneuve's facial expression was the first thing I saw too!