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Friday, August 18, 2006

I pity the fool who wears Gloria Vanderbilt!

God must have sensed I was feeling a bit down, and She sent me this as a pick-me-up. Some things are so funny that no jokes are necessary, though I can't help but wonder how many takes the director went through waiting for Mr. T to correctly pronounce "ensemble"?

Look at him shaking his little Mr. T booty! That's priceless!


Ces Adorio said...

Where was this shown? How come I missed this? Where in the world do you get these Christopher? You are quite a curator of the disco years. Did you find a bag yet?

ChristopherM said...

Still no bag. I was searching for videos, and this was linked to something completely unrelated. I think it shows the true genius of Mr. T. I remember watching "The A-Team" every week, and how excited I was when Boy George was a guest star...he was all cracked out on drugs and weighed about 15 pounds, bless his heart.

No bag yet, but I've promised myself if I get my reading done this afternoon as planned, I'll go shopping for one this evening. That's the smart thing to do, go shopping since I am an unemployed student! I keep forgetting that I shouldn't be shopping!

TV Baby said...

Mr. T = Priceless

80's "fashion" = Gawd Awful!!

Watching that gave me a rainbow headache...