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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Why I'm going to law school...

This was my fortune this morning from Bad Cookie:

You just knew it would come to this eventually.


TV Baby said...

Christopher, I think this refers to having to eventually hire contractors to finish your bathroom remodel. It's easier if you don't resist fate...the cookie knows all!

Ces Adorio said...

I know several good lawyers, really good and one who is very honest and generous to the poor.

She also was not afraid to point out questionable practices, even if she was threatend jail time. In the end all they could do is fine her $2.00!!! She has argued cases in her country's supreme court and has not lost a case. I grew up with this lawyer. She was a Mathematics major and graduated at age 18 and again the following year from a second degree, twice magna cum laude. She then sent herself to law school.

ChristopherM said...

The cookie knows naught! I will finish that bathroom this weekend, provided I'm not too sad after hearing about Anderson's indiscretions!