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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wake me up before you do blow

George Michael has had ANOTHER drug-related car wreck, but it can't even compare to the wreck he's made of himself. Back in the day, all I wanted was hair I could feather and to get big gold hoops in my ears just like George. That was back when he looked like this:

This is how he looked recently when someone went to wake him up after he allegedly passed out at the wheel of his car and let the traffic light cycle four times. After waking up, he is said to have driven off right into a traffic barrier of some sort.

George has taught us two things today: 1) Despite the theme of this blog, not all plastic surgery is a good idea, and 2) Hanging out with Elton John will eventually take its toll.

1 comment:

JonboySF said...

To quote Paul Simon, "Who's gonna love you when your looks are gone?" Well, me, that's who - I still periodically pull out my Wham on vinyl and play Freedom until sugar is coming out of my ears.