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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Evil comes to Louisville

OMG, Starzilla and Big Gay Al were in town for Derby! I don't know why I didn't realize that her freeloading ass might come to town for our only celebrity-ish event of the year...I could have stalked her and hit on her husband to prove a point!

This photo is from some nightclub party hosted by Playboy downtown on Friday night. Given what she is wearing and the fact that I saw no pictures of her, it looks like she didn't get invited to any of the big more formal parties that fight over celebrity attendees. You know there would be photos, because the most dangerous place in America is between Starzilla and a camera. Anyway, you know you've officially hit the D-List when you don't get invited to parties that are hosting the likes of Nick Lachey and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Hell, even Gilbert Gottfried got into one of the parties...when people think you're more annoying than him, it is time to hang it up.

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JonboySF said...

Glad you captioned that photo...was having a hard time differentiating between this pic and the photo of Lawyer Ron below...