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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Live from Nashville

Trading Faces is coming to you from the country music capital of the world. I'm down here doing some training for work, and so far I've gotten to visit with my old college roomie, Dr. Chad Medicine Woman, and got taken out honky tonking on the company dime...yee haw!

But all is not well in Nashville. I made it home from Opry Mills Outlet Mall in time to watch Daddy Chris get the boot on "American Idol." Needless to say, there is a tear in my beer down here in Nashville. There is no justice in a world when William Hung's great uncle gets to stay on the show being all spastic and Chris has to go. I may have to go back downtown and find a cowboy with broad shoulders to cry on.

1 comment:

Brandon said...

Taylor is the first contestant in American Idol history who makes me feel physically ill every time I see him perform; he's repulsive.