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Friday, May 05, 2006

It's all Nancy Reagan's fault!

I've discovered the root of the downfall of my adopted daughter, Whitney Houston, thanks to YouTube and my friend Ed. It seems that she appeared in a White House produced anti-drug video in the mid-80s that featured LaToya Jackson, David Hasselhoff, Tootie, and...New Edition. Yes, my guess is that she met Bobby Brown on the set, and he was probably feeding her "diet pills" in the bathroom telling her they're not really drugs. Where was her mama at?! If only I had adopted her back then. Of course, I was about 10-years-old at the time, but I was mature for my age.

The director should have won an Emmy for this piece of brilliance. Having David Hasselhoff pop out of a poster and sing should be enough to scare anyone off drugs. Hell, when I saw that, I thought for a moment that I was on the worst trip of my life!


TV Baby said...

OMG, that's absolutely priceless!! Not only did Nancy Reagan make "her first rock video" appearance (and hopefully her last) but the Goober-nator bared his fangy grill too. That was like an anti-drug dance video version of The Love Boat! Made my day...thanks.

Ces Adorio said...

This is brilliant. This is so 80's. I had the same wok with red lid. Agree with Jackson's headband! Wait! I like David Hasselhoff, well okay, his tv persona and he was sexy on Babewatch. Whitney, oh Whitney. She should view this video!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you see that Toni Basil is one of the main singers? She was doing weird hand dancing. Then there was also Stacey Keech, Joe Penny, and many others from the NBC Saturday night lineup from the 80s.