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Saturday, May 20, 2006


Out Magazine reports that employees on the new Madonna tour are complaining because she makes people work and work without giving them a break, and that she doesn't like whiners. Yet again, we see why she's an icon. Do these people think she got where she is by taking a coffee break? I'm surprised her hairdresser hasn't grabbed hold of one of these bitches, and said, "Faggot, you are on tour with the biggest star in the world. You will dance, you will work your ass off, and you will LOVE IT!"

So y'all, Madge is on tour, and all the blogs are cracking jokes about her dragging her creaking carcass out yet again. But let me tell you, a Madonna show is an experience that is not to be missed, no matter what the price. I got to see her on her last tour after winning tickets for her Ft. Lauderdale show on My friend Twyla Knight and I were actually in a cut out IN THE STAGE!

See that ridiculous leopard print cowboy hat behind Madonna's left leg? That's me. See the girl screaming as she cups her mouth? I sort of knocked her down. I mean, I was nice enough to let her stand in front of me because she's so could she not expect to be knocked down when Madge comes over handing out the high-fives?

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Ces said...

Yes, but does a talented woman like her really need to insult certain groups by blaspheming Christian symbols. I thought she had a different religion, why not use symbols of her religion. I wonder why she used to nail herself in a cross? Did she think of burning herself with a giant menorah or slicing someone with a sickle? No because that would be too insensitive to those religions, but Madonna thinks Christian symbols can be desecrated. I am not even religious but there are limits to propaganda. Madonna does not need any of those gimmicks. She can sing and dance, that’s all she needs to do.