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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Off to the Races

It's Derby Day here in our fair city of Louisville. I do love being a resident of Louisville during this time of year. For the weeks leading up to the Derby, you see city workers and criminals sentenced to community service out making our roads and highways beautiful. Everyone starts beautifying their lawns...even my crazy neighbor finally cut the grass and picked up the Colt 45 empties. Ladies get out their fabulous big hats, a fashion statement I would like to see year-round. All the girls in my department at work are begging for vacation to get their hair and nails did, and across the call center floor, there are updos and extensions as far as the eye can see. In short, it is a great time to be from The Ville.

Derby, though, is really more for out-of-towners. We locals mostly go to house parties and maybe participate in a pool or two. Now I suck at picking the ponies, and the one time I picked the winner, I wasn't involved in a pool, so no one believed I really picked the winner. So, for the record, my pick this year, in honor of my pending law career, is Lawyer Ron.

And this picture shows his reaction after being told he's my Derby pick. Clearly he has realized he is doomed to lose.

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