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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Courtney the Exception

So I have been sitting here popping pills and watching the Game Show Network, trying to come up with something to post more entertaining than, "I'm recovering nicely." This has taught me a new and valuable lesson. Courtney Love is clearly the exception to a very definite rule:

Vicodin does not make one funny.


Anonymous said...

When do you get back home?

Do you need someone to come down and push you around in a wheelchair for a few days while you're recovering?


Christopher said...

I'm still in NYC. Mama went out and explored Central Park today while I hung out here at the apartment watching television. I'm glad she's getting out for a bit...she's been taking good care of me. Anyhoo, I'm back at home on Monday night if you'd like to come visit this week. You can take me to Homo Depot on Tuesday to buy paint!