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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I don't want your sex so much anymore

George Michael is a Bush Bunny! Sadly, my favorite 80s icon/bad eyejob victim was cornered and photographed by UK tabloid The News of the World coming out of the bushes of a London park notorious for man action. Now, I'm not one to judge on that because frankly in my past I've done far worse. However, I will judge him for what he was in the bushes with.

george's trade

Wow, Grandma Elton looks REALLY different without his wig!



TV Baby said...

That's so think he could pay for younger and better looking hustlers to come to his estate and hide in HIS bushes so he wouldn't have to face the paps. But between him and the other British addict George (i.e. BOY George) the tabloids are certainly staying in business!

ChristopherM said...

Oh I miss Boy George...I was such a fan (and his dance stuff is really good). I really hated to see that he is battling addiction yet again. Gee, listen to me...I actually sound like a nice person! I should post something really horrible just so folks won't get the wrong idea about me!