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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Art heals

I'm looking a bit less swollen today, and yet feeling a wee bit more peaked. So, I am laying around while Mom is out exploring Times Square, surfing the web, and admiring the artwork of my Fiestaware friend Ces at her online gallery. I love Ces's painting style, but this painting of some of her Fiesta pieces is my favorite. Even better, knowing that it will be hanging in my dining room soon makes me feel fantastic! I told Ces how much this piece moved me, and she rather impulsively offered it to me as a gift. Ces seems to give away most of her work even though she certainly has the talent to sell it. I can't think of a gift any of her friends would rather receive.

Sigh. If only Anderson Cooper were so generous when I said how much his delicious visage moves me.


Ces said...

"rather impulsively offered it to me as a gift"...and a good thing I did early beacuse my SILs love the same painting when they saw it on my blog. Now I have to paint more blue series. In a way it is good because I don't have to think of the subject. I just came back home yesterday. The painting was still on the easel but it is dry, so now all I have to do is apply damar varnish and I plan to do it today. Good luck. I have not read the rest of your story and plan to come back after I unpack.

Christopher said...

Oh honey, it isn't an interesting story, I assure you!

I'm so excited to see the painting in person!!!!!!!!