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Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's all about me

Those of you who have been forced to listen to my home improvement drama for the past year and a half will be happy to know I finally have walls again, and today I am painting them. This is the living room, a room that will soon be painted Honeydew (an ever-so-slightly acidic pale green...very cheerful). The dining room is going to be red red red.

And while I paint and hack up drywall dust, I have iTunes set to shuffle all my purchases from them. I've purchased somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 songs from iTunes in the past year. Some people drunk dial, I blitzed buy...throw back a few cocktails and then whip out the credit card. Let's see if Apple Overlord Steve Jobs is sending me any subliminal messages through the random shuffle order of my music, shall we?

Hmmm, Steve is sending us a few very clear messages today. 1) You like the 80s. 2) You're really really really queer. Seriously, I live near San Francisco, and even I think you're full of faggotry. 3) Thank you for contributing to my enormous wealth with your silly purchases. 4) You've really got nothing to write about today, do you?


Julie (grofam) said...

Glad the nurse called you and that you don't have to get more stitches.

I always enjoy your old house photos since I live in a 104 yr old one myself. Yesterday I was washing windows (long story). We still have almost all of the old windows with storms - triple track, double track and quite a few of the old wooden storms. Well, I was working on one of those on the second floor, when the top section decided to come off its hinges and tumbled to the ground onto rocks below. I couldn't believe it when it didn't break. If it had been one of the aluminum frames, it probably would have. I think the old wood is just really a good cushion besides being more termite resistant. Of course, getting it back on was not an easy feat (another long story). I still love/hate my house! Keep the Old House stories/pictures coming.

Ms. Val said...

Christopher, I think you and I are channeling each other again! I spent much of last night downloading from itunes. Although my purchases are a lot different than yours. I got some Eric Clapton, Carly Simon, Jefferson Starship, Chic, Tom Petty, and the Manhattan Transfer.

I'm also planning on painting and replacing some accessories in the downstairs bathroom this weekend

Ces said...

Holy smokes Christopher. You were not kidding when you said you were rennovating. OMG, this is a HUGE project. Best of luck. I am glad things seem to be okay.