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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Today in Duh!

Former boyband star Lance Bass came out of the closet today on the cover of People Magazine. I for one applaud Lance for having the courage to let his blind and headless fans in on this huge secret. You go girl! Now you can feel free to queen it up with Kathy Griffin and all her gay friends on national television with your expertly plucked eyebrows blazing...again. Really, I'm quite happy for him, though I am concerned that his boyfriend Reichen is a golddigger who spent all his own reality show money and is now after some of that N'Sync cash. I don't trust that one's teeth should be that white.

Meanwhile, the headline writers over at People Mag have learned that if they simply state the obvious, they have the entire rest of the week free to do pilates and get treatment for those funny bugs Paris Hilton left at their bathroom. With that in mind, one of them submitted this rough draft for consideration for next week's issue:


Anonymous said...

Is'nt it slutty that this cunt is the sex symbol for the rebubli-cunt party.

What a whore. SLUT. Fucking douche her from the system.

ChristopherM said...

Taffy my darlin', you're such a lady! :-D

TV Baby said...

At least Lance finally did come out (and with a name like Lance it was just a matter of time...) which is more than we can say for the ever fearful Gay Gayken. The Gayken doesn't even have 4 other bandmates to consider and he's still flaming so hard he's scorching the closet walls!