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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Breaking news: The wedding is back on!

Bear enthusiast George Michael claims he and partner Kenny Goss are so happy in their relationship that he gave Kenny a million British pounds as a gift for their 10th anniversary. In totally unrelated news, despite recent sex scandals, their upcoming wedding ceremony is still going to take place.

Thank goodness! I lost the receipt to the hat I bought for the wedding, and that store has a strict return policy!


GayProf said...

I am no marriage counselor, but if I were, I probably would advise them both want to think a tad bit more about this decision. I am not sayin’, I am just sayin’.

ChristopherM said...

That said (or not said), I'll bet your hat for the wedding is going to be lovely. I've already started shopping for what I'll wear to the divorce.

TV Baby said...

"In totally unrelated news..." LMAO!! What a pathetic creature George Michael has turned out to be. I'd say we'll soon hear news of him being found by police disoriented and mumbling to himself but he crossed that threshold a while ago. On the Celebrity Scandal Scale he falls somewhere between rehab two and three but still a long way before surprise guest appearance at The Grammys.