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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Britney Spears - Evil Genius

At last, it seems that someone in the Britney Spears camp has some brains, and they used them to totally get some dirt on Matt Lauer. How do I know this? Because while having my coffee and steroids this morning, I flipped on the Today Show to see Star Jones' twin brother Al Roker apologizing for Brit's inept parenting. Al, Ann, and Matt introduced a piece on common parenting mistakes by saying Britney has taken heat for her mistakes, and then proceeded to assure viewers that the three of them are FAR worse parents than Britney. After Matt's softball interview, why are they still trying to help her repair her image? You know that the maid totally caught Lauer going through K-Fed's dirty boxershorts.

I spent the rest of my morning looking for the number for Child Protective Services in NYC, because if the three Today Show clowns are worse than Britney, you know those kids are in trouble.

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