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Saturday, July 01, 2006

battered, bruised, and fat

So this is what I look like two days post-surgery. My crappy camera phone didn't quite capture the bruising, but it sure got the swelling. My eye got some laser work and such, and is slowly coming down after being nearly swollen shut. All along the inside of my upper lip down into the corner, and then up into the cheek, there are dissolving stitches where they removed everything from the inside this go-round instead of the massive incision on my neck and jawline last time. I've got a good couple of months before all of this comes down, at least that's my estimate, though I'll probably heal faster this time since it is internal. After all this, I will still have a slightly droopy eye, but with a mostly symmetrical face. There is a small thin piece of the venous malformation left in my cheek between the first and second surgeries that could not be reached, but which I've been assured will likely take care of itself (I've heard that story before, but the doc who told me this is so unbelievably sexy I am inclined to believe him). I've decided to think my face as a evolving art makes it a bit easier to take looking like I've been beaten, and a bit more exciting to see how I'll turn out in the end.

In the meantime, I have discovered that the combination of Vicodin, pineapple coconut Haagen-Dazs, and Milano cookies is perhaps the greatest painkiller ever devised by man, woman, or in this case, my mother.

Damn you, Pepperidge Farm, ruining my figure as I go through hell for a pretty face!


Kenna Jasper said...

So glad everything went well. I'll continue to pray that you'll be back on your sassy feet soon.

Ces said...

I hope the swelling goes down soon. I can't wait to see the new face. Good Mothers are the best gifts in the world. Get well soon. The pain killer sounds great. I may try that today minus the Vicodin, and more of the Milano.