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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Knowledge is Power

Today's British slang term of the day is cottaging, definition courtesy of Wikipedia:

Cottaging is a gay slang term for having sex in a public lavatory (a cottage) or for cruising for sex or picking-up sexual partners in public lavatories with the intention of having sex elsewhere. The term may have its roots in the English cant language of polari, or in the fact that many self-contained English toilet blocks have in the past resembled small cottages in their appearance.

'Kite Flying' is now a common place euphemism for cottaging e.g. "I'm going to the common kite flying"

The term 'cottage' used in this sense is predominantly British (a cottage in the general sense being a small, cosy, countryside home), though the term is occasionally used in context of the same sexual behaviour in other parts of the world. In America lavatories used for this purpose are sometimes called 'tea rooms'.

Wow, I guess you really do learn something new every day. Thanks George!

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JonboySF said...

Wow, whodathunk that Trading Faces could be humorous AND educational! The things a guy can learn on the internet...thanks Al Gore!