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Thursday, July 06, 2006

13 more random things about me

  1. My reading comp score on the ACT was perfect.
  2. My math score on the ACT was so bad that I had to take remedial math my freshman year of college.
  3. I’m thinking my area of focus in law school is going to be intellectual property.
  4. My laptop is chock full of bootleg porn, but in my defense, very little of it is particularly intellectual.
  5. During my lost years, approximately 1997-2000, virtually the only illegal drugs I did not try were heroin and ketamine. I am exceedingly lucky I did not end up dead. No judgment on anyone else who uses various drugs, but for me, they were a sick substitute for what I wasn’t getting out of my life.
  6. My favorite color is tangerine orange.
  7. I have been hospitalized 12 times for surgery on my face, starting at the age of 18 months. I’ve never been hospitalized for anything else.
  8. The first record I ever bought was Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. I conned one of my grandmothers into taking me to the store on the pretense that I could buy it myself, and she bought it for me when I didn’t have enough money. She also bought me the soundtrack to “Flashdance."
  9. I don’t believe in watching movies that feature Kevin Costner.
  10. I haven’t eaten meat in 12 years.
  11. My favorite cocktail is Stoli vanilla vodka and Diet Coke, also known as a Skinny Bitch.
  12. Dijonnaise is my favorite condiment.
  13. If I still had them and if they fit, I would totally still wear my Spiderman Underoos.

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Brandon said...

I'm totally into intellectual porn, like Girls with Glasses.