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Friday, June 30, 2006

Resting comfortably

We just arrived back at our apartment from the hospital, and I think Mama should be impressed that I waited a whole five minutes before turning on my computer. Surgery was less intense this time around, though I still look extremely battered and beaten down. I wanted to let everyone know I'm doing okay, and the doctors are pleased with how everything went, even if they didn't put in the hair plugs and pec implants I requested. And I just popped a vicodin, so I expect I will be out momentarily. Thanks for the good vibes everyone! More later when I'm more lucid.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are resting, Christopher.

Keep us informed, please, we care; I have been checking in here every few hours to see any report.


David (from Mediumgreen)

JonboySF said...

Been sending good California vibes your way my friend. Glad to hear that things went well! Been missing your humor this week.

dr buck said...

Don't enjoy those Vicodin too much, Chris. You know how much you like the pills.

So glad things are going well. I had my last day at my former work, and I am so relieved. However, I still sent you positive vibes despite distraction by my crazy ex-boss.