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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Start spreading your legs! I've leaving todaaaaay!

Actually, I already left and arrived. Mom and I are comfortably ensconced in our 1 bedrooom apartment on W. 63rd in NYC, eating Haagen-Dazs ice cream and debating whether or not Taylor Hicks is a novelty act who deserves to have a hairdryer dropped into his bubble bath. I think I have already established my opinion on that matter. Anyhoo, we're here and I'm stealing someone's wireless signal so I can blog rather than think about checking into the hospital tomorrow morning at 7:15am.

I have been repeatedly encouraging my docs to make me look like Hugh Jackman. Really, I'd also accept Hugh Grant, Hugh Laurie, or even Hugo Weaving so long as they make me look normal. Here's the thing...I keep having a recurring nightmare that I'm going to heal up from this surgery, and Clay Gayken's face will appear in my mirror.

I mean really, aren't I gay enough without ending up like this?!

Anyway, I get the injections in my face tomorrow, and then surgery on Thursday. And so we begin with the beginning of the end of this journey...I hope.


Ms. Val said...

I have been repeatedly encouraging my docs to make me look like Hugh Jackman.

You mean you don't want to look like Julio?

You could reenact your own version of the Krystle/Rita storyline from Dynasty!

ChristopherM said...

Oooooo, Val, you are a GENIUS! I'm sure they can inject a little extra pigment in there while they're poking around on my face. And since I'm only a few blocks from the CNN building, Anderson is practically mine! Mwhahahaha!!!!

TV Baby said...

Well, if they do make you look like the Gayken think of how much fun you can have impersonating him online and in drag! And Craig can play the role of Gayken love victim, probably much more convincingly than John Paulus! Let the gaymes begin!!