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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Today in "Wigga, please!"

From The Scoop on Spears reportedly is redecorating her house, ditching Federline’s beloved black leather furniture in favor of a “1950s boudoir” look she favors. “She’s using pink, cream and apricot silk, lace and feathers,” reports the insider. “[Kevin] claims that he can’t think in the house any more and it’s affecting his music. [He] is complaining that the place is ‘some high-school chick's bedroom.’”

Does this look like a man who thinks often enough that environment makes much of a difference?

Wigga, please!

Please enjoy this video of Ashton Kutcher doing a brilliant portrayal of the future ex Mr. Spears, lounging around before his wife kicks him out and he has to actually work for a living.

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