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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Celebrity Death Watch

Television producer Aaron Spelling died Friday at the age of 83.

No jokes, please. The man created Love Boat, Charlie's Angels, Dynasty, and Melrose Place...for crying out loud, show some respect, people! Seriously!

In other celebrity death news we can joke about, E. Pierce Marshall, the son of Anna Nicole Smith's late old raisin husband passed on this week due to an extreme infection after years of battling Smith in court for his father's fortune. An extreme infection? Did they perhaps kiss and make up after their last court date? I mean, I know I have to take a Silkwood shower every time I simply see her on television!

Oh look, someone must have just told Anna that this doesn't mean she automatically gets the money!


Cato Younger said...


Love your sense of humor. Funny and tooooooo true.

Christopher said...

Why thank you!

JonboySF said...

You are too funny Christopher. I do wonder what happens to the fortune now...especially after her Supreme Court appearance!

And RIP Aaron Spelling...that man was THE television God! A true legend and hero.