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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Shoe Queen

I love shoes. I love shoes like Nick Nolte loves a cocktail. One type of shoe I don't have is a pair of athletic shoes since I don't workout anymore. Gym shoes are generally ugly, and I firmly believe they should never be worn by anyone over the age of 21 unless they are actually in a gym. You're an adult, so wear some grownup shoes!

As I am prone to do, though, I changed my belief after seeing Converse's fantastic new website. You can design your own Chuck Taylors! You remember Chuck Taylors...everyone in the 80s wore them. I had them in several colors, and usually wore them mismatched (much like I set out my Fiestaware now). Now Converse lets you design your own. How hot are these?!

The pink stitching and skull print tongue I think are nice touches, but this is the best part of my shoes:

Don't hate me because my shoes are so much sassier than yours.


Ces said...

Oh you just have to use that word, why? This is an excellent combination. How many pairs did you buy? I love the one you posted on MG.

JonboySF said...

Ooooh...Chucks...great on style, bad on the arches. Careful if you wear those to the gym Christopher - don't want to set yourself up for de-feet...(register loud groan here). ;-p