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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Face Update

A brief medical update before getting back to the funny:

I spoke with my NYC doc's nurse this afternoon, and either I was high on pain meds or they just didn't go into detail, but six weeks was not the time frame for all of this mess on my face to be gone. That was the time frame for most of the swelling to go. However, doing massive amounts of surgery on soft tissue does result in that tissue going all hard and stiff for quite some time. I'm now hearing three full months to see the final results of the surgery. I'm also told that the current state of my face is normal at this stage after surgery. I've got to send them pics tomorrow, and if they think my progress really has stalled, they'll discuss options like steroid injections.

Patience is without a doubt the most overrated virtue. Ever have to do a project at work with someone who might be described as patient? If you get assigned to do so, just go ahead and do the project yourself because patient people never get a damn thing done. Yes, I realize that I'm a wee bit Type A, but I swear the next person that tells me to be patient about this surgery is going to get a beatdown.


RunePuppy said...

I say you should start hitting it with a pointed stick.

Christopher said...

Aha! So, it turns out I didn't need six hours of invasive surgery, I simply needed the wisdom of Jay. Still, if I had followed Jay's advice, I would have missed the joy of dragging my grandmother through O'Hare and Newark airports.