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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I feel so dirty is such a nasty word. And evidently I am a nasty boy because I have one. Here's the story: when I had surgery on my face six weeks ago and they removed the venous malformation mass from my cheek, they say they removed so much that they had to fill in a couple of spots (you could have fooled me because I'm STILL swollen, but that's another story). Anyway, they sliced me across my tummy and took a fat graft from there. No big deal, and these days I have a bit to spare. Yesterday, I noticed my tummy hurt, and since I was in my office alone after my team had gone home, I lifted my shirt to see what was happening down there. My "tummy smile" as I have taken to calling it is all red and inflamed, and swollen all around it. And it hurt!

Fearing I had gotten a hernia or some such horror, I visited my doc today who sent me on to a surgeon. It seems that some germs have probably been lurking in there since before the wound healed (quite a while back), and there is a bunch of goo under the surface. They put me on Cipro and if it doesn't go down, it is going to have to be drained on Friday. Cipro...isn't that what they put you on when you're exposed to anthrax? Wouldn't it be just like me to have gotten anthrax in my tummy?

Oh, you thought this story was going to be about one of those kind of infections! Sorry! For the record, I've commented before that I've gained weight since I quit smoking. I sucked in for this shot, hoping it would show how much the infection area sticks out, but it didn't really. My doc circled it with all its redness, and if it expands beyond the Sharpie mark, I have to get it tapped like they're draining me for maple syrup or something. What have I, what have I, what have I done to deserve this?


Gina said...

you dirty boy you!!! looks like you deserve a whipping for being so nasty...oh sorry I forgot this is suppose to be PG. Hope those antibotics work!!!

Christopher said...

They aren't! It's bigger, wider, and I believe is getting poked at by the doctor tomorrow. This mofo hurts!

RunePuppy said...

I think it's a baby.