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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Crack is Wack

I found out Tuesday night that I know an actual honest-to-god real life crack whore. She is a dear friend of mine from when I lived in Albuquerque several years ago who also happens to be a transexual. Well, back in the day she always liked crystal, which I knew, but at the time I was such a drug mess myself out there that I didn't think much about it. These days it seems she likes a hit on a pipe every now and again...disturbing to say the least, and I do hope she is okay since obviously I haven't really kept in touch.

So anyway, my friend Joe was telling me that he was watching television recently, and the local news was doing a sting operation with the police. There on the video was my girl approaching a car like it was Eddie Murphy inside, getting in, driving around the corner to close the deal, and then being busted, cuffed, and stuffed into a cop car! She was sucking pee pee for crack money!!! I just can't believe I actually know and am friends with a crack whore.

This is probably as close as I will ever get to knowing Whitney Houston.


Brandon said...

Do you know Annette Wyatt? She's in Kentucky.

Christopher said...

I sure don't...what part of Kentucky?