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Monday, March 20, 2006

Faye Dunaway is Bloody BRILLIANT!

And she would agree with me on that. Granted, I'm still mystified as to why she didn't receive her second Oscar for her operatic performance in the GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE, "Mommie Dearest", but after hearing what I've linked below, I think you may think I'm right too. The fabulous folks at D-Listed have obtained a voicemail recording of Faye tearing some poor fool a new one.

Faye Dunaway is old school. If Naomi Campbell tried to clock her with a cell phone, you know Faye would tear her spindly arm out of its socket and beat her to death with the bleeding stump. This is the proof

All I could think of when I heard this was, "Barbara Bennett is here from New York doing a cover story on me for Redbook, and I don't want any trouble out of you!"

1 comment:

Bedazzler said...

sCENE FOR SCENE, line for line it's gold
And yeah, she should have got an OSCAR for it.