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Sunday, March 19, 2006

A spoonful of sugar

I quit smoking on September 24, 2005. Since then, I have gained 21 pounds. Now, people carrying some extra weight probably get pissed off when I complain that I've gained weight. Am I fat? No, definitely not. But none of my clothes fit, I can't afford to buy new ones, and this is not a normal weight for me. Seriously, I have probably 15 pairs of slacks (I love that's so retro!) for work, and can get into maybe three pairs of them. Anyway, I've gone back to how I ate when I was a workout fanatic, but now I'm doing it on the SugarBusters diet. I started Monday night, and have lost around 4 pounds so far...woo-hoo!

Still, I'd sell a Girl Scout for a Girl Scout cookie right about now.

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