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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Project So-So

Can you believe a strayt girl won on Project So-Gay last night? But how could she help winning when the two gay boys handed it to her on a platter. Everything I've read so far regarding the show has slagged Chloe, including my boyfriend/Project So-Gay mentor/silver fox Tim Gunn. Personally I always rather liked her. I like her use of color, she does such interesting seaming in her work that just glides along the body in a very flattering way, and no one looks ugly in her clothes. The fact is, Jay McCarroll was innovative...Santino is a hack trying to pass off a hot-glued mess as innovation. When it came down to creating actual garments for the professionals, he couldn't pull it off. Oh, and you can make things as innovative as you want, but what is the point if it makes every woman wearing it look like her tits are at her knees?

As for Daniel, who had the innovation but forgot to use it, I have four words for his collection: Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation.

Chloe's collection was very "Dynasty" meets "Empire of the Sun". While it didn't make me see beauty in something totally new like Jay of last season, I thought it was hot. Girl is in desperate need of a queen to help her with her snaps when someone insults her. "I can't help it if I had the skills, honey!"? You just know Santino was pointing at her and laughing.

Oh Daddy Tim, don't hate me for loving Chloe! Feel free to punish me any way you see fit!

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