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Monday, March 13, 2006

Health update

I almost forgot, this blog is supposed to be about my health journey, not my smarmy comments regarding celebrity escapades! So, I got tapped like a maple tree on Friday. The doc drew out this giganto syringe full of fluid from my tummy where the infection has set up under the incision from surgery six weeks ago. I am still amazed this just popped up out of nowhere so long after surgery. It looked like corn oil (which is perhaps an indication that my diet really sucks these days), and that turned out to be a good thing since if it had been thick and nasty, he had planned to hospitalize me for the weekend. So, I'm doing well on that front. Not much change at all on my face, and my frustration level is rising by the day. I just want this to be over so I can start planning for the next phase of things...the cosmetic work! Seriously, I'm trying to get in touch with my doctor in NYC, and I will update as to whether this is normal recovery or not. Until then, I'm in denial and distracting myself with celebrity follies because that is how I roll.

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