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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kanye West gives shout-out to Francine Fishpaw

This tribute to "John Waters' Polyester" is okay, but I believe the dogs playing poker he has carved in his goatee are a much richer and more vibrant artistic statement.

Finals update: Today I had my final for contracts, my worst subject. I have been so terrified of this exam that I have been having nightmares about insanely pleated pants this week (the prof wears khakis so pleated you could use them to sail a damn catamaran!). It was brutal, but I think I did okay. My blood pressure was so high before it started that you could take my pulse from across the room (seriously, you could see it in my neck!). Two down, two to go. This biatch is taking the night off from law to get his celebrity gossip and drink on!

Photo blatently lifted from the very talented Fresh over at Crunk & Disorderly. Sadly, the text is entirely courtesy of Trading Faces.


Ms. Val said...

Christopher, that's the way I feel about the impending performance evaluation that we'll have to fill out on the architectural history instructor. I spent a great deal of time last night jotting down a cheat sheet of greviences that I plan on airing when the time comes.

Ces said...

Good luck with the exams Christopher!

Coco LaRue said...

This is so, so sad.