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Monday, November 27, 2006

They grow up so fast

So I took my first real final exam this morn, three hours of spewing everything I ever knew about torts onto a computer screen, and it is a relief to be done with it. Three more finals to go, so I need to get back to studying. First, though, I just had to post this photo of K-Fed's Thanksgiving celebration. I'm not so sure what he has to be celebrating other than skating by for one more week with a clean bill of health from the free clinic, but celebrate he did at his first baby mama's house. Apparently he brought a new date/meal ticket to dine with his first two kids (you know, the little brown ones he didn't care enough about to fight for custody):

I tell you, Anna Nicole's little girl sure did grow up fast, and just as classy as her mama!


Anonymous said...

Now that Whitney is starting to get her shit together, I think you need to take in poor little Britney Spears. Her recent evenings with Paris Hilton have resulted in pictures of her vajayjay on Perez Hilton. She needs a good home and some discipline like only you can provide.

Good luck with all of your exams. I do not miss those days.

Mother Jones RN said...

I agree with Dr. Chad, you're just the man Britney needs to get her back on the right path. She's a mess and K-Fed is a looser. Please teach Britney to stay out of the dumpster the next time she looks for a husband.


Cooper said...

Congrats on your first exam... mine start 2 weeks from yesterday.

I'm planning to mention KFed in my contracts exam... whatever he worked out with Britney has got to be a contracts miracle!

Good luck with the rest of your finals! :)