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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Get your vote on!

If you aren't voting today, I'm deeply surprised we are friends. Along those same lines, I'm seeing a lot of people today encouraging folks to vote, no matter who they vote for. You won't hear such nonsense from me. If you're planning to keep the incompetent Bush administration in power in Washington by sending them a Republican congress, please, do our military, Muslim men, gays and lesbians, poor working families, students, racial minorities, women of child-bearing age, and old sick folks a favor...

keep your butt at home!

I'm Christopher, and I endorse this message because my queer ass is tired of being a scapegoat for these do-nothing spendaholic warmongering douchebags!


Mother Jones RN said...
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Mother Jones RN said...

I taped up my ankle, took lots of pain pills, grabbed my crutches, and hobbled to the polls first thing this morning.

Power to the People!

I think I've taken too many pain pills. I hate typos:-)

Denise Price said...

Well Christopher- I think my conservative Republican state of Va. is swinging Democrat again!!!
We elected Democratic governors two times in a row and I think we are about to kick George Allen out!
Not for positive yet but it's looking good! And the pres. even made a stop in the state to support George Allen. The last two times he came here to support someone they have lost- I think he needs to stay home-
Cheney is out hunting again too! We should all duck! Denise

Greta_Jane said...

Hi Christopher,

I found you via ces, and found her via KJ, who is an in person friend.

Just had to say how much I loved this post.

Christopher said...

Welcome Greta!