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Monday, November 20, 2006

About your host

The host of Trading Faces has various and sundry interests. However, I have far more disinterests. As I prepare to go underground in preparation for the first set of law school final exams, I'm getting even lazier about posting than normal. How lazy? Here are my "Interests" as listed on my Facebook page (because yes, I've gotten that deep into being a college kid again that I have a Facebook school will send you right into a second adolescence):

Christopher is not at all interested in:

1. Clowns
2. Raw onions
3. Ashley Judd
4. Ashley Judd movies
5. Ashley Judd’s greasy hair at UK basketball games
6. The Bush administration, every last one of them, right down to Condi’s Lucy Van Pelt hairdo
7. NASCAR, because driving in a circle is not a sport.
8. White Castle
9. Paper/plastic/foam dishes at home, because people over 25 should use real dishes.
10. Crocs
11. The word “bro” unless referring to Cosmo Kramer’s bra for men
12. Pleated pants
13. SUVs
14. Goth teens…get your own damn youth culture!
15. The Grateful Dead, so much so that I threw a Grateful He’s Dead party.
16. Decaf coffee
17. Bling
18. Insomnia
19. Children on planes
20. Children in adult restaurants
21. Improper usage of your/you’re
22. Camping
23. Fauxhawks
24. The word “moist”
25. Rainbow flags

If I see you in a nice restaurant wearing Crocs and drinking decaf with Dick Cheny and his turkeybaster fauxhawked grandson, chances are somebody is going to get stabbed.

Posting your profile from another site...that may make me the laziest blogger alive. Send me good vibes over the next two weeks anyway, please!


Ms. Val said...

Christopher, I'm disappointed!!!! James Blunt's singing didn't make your list. Neither did the Fox News Channel, Wal-Mart, Bobby Brown and a whole bunch of others.

This list doesn't do you justice!

Denise said...

Val-You think we can bug him enough to tell us why he hates Ashley Judd so much?
Did she steal your parking spot at a UK game Christopher?
I know!!! She wore the same outfit you did!!!!
Did she try to pick up Craiggers?
Come on and tell us-
I bet she was rude to you, is probably what it was and if she was I won't allow that!!!!

Christopher said...

Why I hate Ashley Judd:

1. She has made the same damn movie over and over for the last 15 years.
2. She knows they are going to put the camera on her when she attends UK basketball games, yet she can't be bothered to either run a comb through her hair or wash it. Some anti-perspirant would be nice too. Whatever happened to old Hollywood?
3. Where the fuck did that bloody accent come from? I understand getting rid of your accent if you're going to act. I don't understand adopting a strange snooty clipped lockjaw accent to make people think you're extra smart.
4. She has been quite kind and supportive to my alma mater, the University of Kentucky. However, and this is what really gets my goat, she constantly allows herself to be referred to as a graduate of UK. She never graduated. I didn't work hard for my degree from UK, but I did work, dammit. I don't like people taking credit for a degree that they didn't earn.

Basically, I think she is a poorly groomed ultra-pretentious bad actress who lets word of her fake degree persist. Hate her. And her mama. I do, however, rather like her nutjob of a sister.

Christopher said...

And Val, just to be clear, I do still very much hate James Blunt, Fox News, Bobby Brown, and Wal-Mart. Not to mention Perez Hilton, Parasite Hilton, labradoodles, overly-plucked man brows, chain restaurants with a possesive proper name (Applebee's, O'Charley's, etc.), plain white walls, leather pimp furniture, gold nugget jewelry, and Kevin Costner.

I'm a big fan of Jennifer Hudson, though, and can't wait to see her in "Dreamgirls." That has nothing to do with the topic at hand, but I thought I should say something nice.

Denise said...

OOh!!! I HATE Kevin Costner too but I'm not exactly sure why now- It's been going on for so long that I forgot why- I think it's because he thinks so much of himself- He gives me the creeps!!!
Thanks for explaining why you dislike Ashley so much-I know it's not fair to get a degree just because you're a celebrity!! Now her mother does get on my nerves!!!
Hang in there and have a good Turkey Day!!! Hope your studying goes ok!!! Denise

Ces said...

I started not liking Kevin Costner after Robin Hood. That was the stupidest movie ever made. Americans with weatern accents should not speak the king's English. However, he made a movie with Annette Benning and that actor from the Godfather, (I am not very good with hollywood names) and it was quite a delightful movie.

Mother Jones RN said...

I stopped liking Kevin Costner after he dumped his wife and married his trophy bride.

Christopher, I hope you had a very nice Turkey Day.

Hugs, Your Mama Jones