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Friday, November 10, 2006

New Source Found for Fossil Fuels! Middle East Peace Imminent!

Thanks to Ashley Judd's skin, America will no longer need to look to the Middle East to power our SUVs. Finally, she becomes useful!

*ed. note: What, just because we're both from the same place, I'm supposed to be nice? At least my degree from the University of Kentucky isn't pretend!


denise price said...

Christopher-I think she's gorgeous-
Are you cranky today- I'd love to look like her- She probably has little makeup on- Maybe it's the camera's- Denise

Christopher said...

I'm no more cranky than normal, darlin'...I just REALLY REALLY REALLY dislike Ashley Judd for reasons that are far too extensive to delve into in my comments section. Note that I didn't even get into the fact that it looks like she did her hair with a Topsy-Tail, which I only let go by because I was so grateful she is appearing in public after getting it washed for once. I think I should get some points for demonstrating restraint.

denise price said...

Ok- I really don't know that much about her but she must have done something pretty bad to make you dislike her that much.
I just think she's beautiful without all that makeup that alot of the actresses wear. You're saying that her beauty is only on the outside not on the inside.

Mother Jones RN said...

Christopher, darling, I don't know what she did to deserve your wrath, but if you want, I'll go with you and hold her down while you pull her hair out.

I've got your back, Baby!


Ces said...

Oh Christopher, she is very pretty and I have not heard any sleazy scandal about her. Her hairdo seems a little too old fashioned though.

JonboySF said...

I'm with you on this one brother. As a fellow oil-challenged American I have to be somewhat sympathetic, although if a 'mo can buy some Clinique then so can that rich be-yatch! You'll have to do a separate post as to why she gets your ire up - your tens of fans are, I'm sure, dying to know why!