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Monday, September 18, 2006

The Weekly Cheese

This week on the Weekly Cheese, we're featuring one of my very favorite artists. She was crowned Miss Washington State, and won the talent competition in Miss America before conquering Las Vegas and then the Billboard dance charts. She's had more #1 dance hits in a row than any other artist including Madonna. She is a hot and sexy six-foot tall white girl who sings like someone raised in a southern black church choir. A few years ago, between her second and third CD, she took time out to beat leukemia. This is an amazing woman, and I truly have no earthly idea why the right management hasn't made her a huge star.

Granted, this video is the music video equivalent of a Lifetime Original Movie, but the song is lovely and uplifting. This week's cheese is brought to us by...

Kristine W., "I'll Be Your Light"

1 comment:

JonboySF said...

I kept expecting to see Marlo Thomas in that video...

Girl can sing though! Dang!