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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Help me buy some friends!

As I have mentioned ad nauseum, I am one of the older students at school, and I've been a wee bit insecure about it thus far. As such, I am attempting to venture out of my shell by trying to hook up with the Lambda Law Caucus, the homo student group (gay lawyers?! shocking!). These should be my peeps, right? Of course, me being me, I am attempting to make friends via subterfuge.

Lambda Law Caucus is walking with a team from the law school in the Louisville AIDS Walk at the end of this month, and of course I want to be a superstar fundraiser so that everyone will want to be my friend. Pathetic? Yes, but that is who I am, and I am that way for a good cause.

Naturally, I am enlisting my tens of blog fans to help. By clicking the picture below, you can be magically transported to my secure AIDS Walk donation page. Your donation will go directly to the AIDS Walk without passing through my grubby little paws. It's easy, it's safe, and you will feel good about yourself. Plus, you will be secure in the knowledge that I am studying for the day you need a lawyer rather than pestering the bejeezus out of you in person for a donation.

The AIDS Walk has very low overhead and supports some great programs here in Louisville. One close to my heart, a legal services program, is in danger of going under due to lack of funding. Please, give early, give often. After all, all the cool kids are doing it!

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