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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tree fitty

Look what I'm doing on my Saturday afternoon...sitting in the lie-berry studying away like a good boy. I actually like studying in the law library. It gives me some structure, plus the bathroom grafitti is better than the average campus bathroom ("Your mom went to Jefferson Community College." Oh snap!).

And what are you doing while I study? Sitting on your wallet! The AIDS Walk is tomorrow afternoon at 3pm, and thanks to the generosity of my Trading Faces friends, I have raised $350. Sadly, as of right now the AIDS Walk is running far under what is needed to run the various community resources. If you haven't yet sponsored me, please take a minute and do so now. If you don't, I'm so going to tell a dirty story about you on the blog, and you know I know at least one!

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Anonymous said...

Yo ChrisEChris... if your postin' an readin da graffiti, how much studin you really gettin done?

Christopher said...

I got outlines done for Torts and Basic Legal Research AND finished my readings for Monday. I'd say I did pretty darned well!